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Despite rain, Indians remain upbeat and keep winning.

The constant drops of rain did not damper the team effort of the Cleveland Indians last night as Ryan Garko, Asdrubal Cabrera, and Kelly Shoppach all had solo shots. In between was added a 2-run homerun by Mark DeRosa. It was nice to hear the roar of the crowd and the BOOM from fireworks four times throughout the night. I was not able to cheer or observe as well as I would like so it was great to be able to rely on such a great crowd, not in terms of size but in terms of great enthusiasm.

Tampa added a solo shot of their own when he hit his 16th homerun as he continued to lead the American League and was only one homerun shy of a tie for the Major League lead in homeruns. For the most part though, Cleveland pitching kept Tampa from getting a rally going as they were held to the 1 run on 6 hits. Evan Longoria, B.J. Upton and Gabe Gross went a combined 0-11 with 1 walk and 2 strikeouts. There were seven strikeouts in all.

It was wonderful to get a win without sweating it out from the bullpen or relying on some comeback to pull us back from the jaws of defeat. I was thinking it might be a long night due to all the rain and delays. However, it turned out to be an awesome night as I was able to get home at a decent hour. Due to the awesome power-led win, the Indians are now 19-28, 9 GB from being average.

Noteworthy news: What is up with Grady? Well, according to Anthony Castrovince, he may end up having to go on the DL. Stay tuned. Called up as insurance is Trevor Crowe. I surely hope Crowe’s production can pick up if Grady does go on the DL. It will really benefit the team to see Crowe excel his way to the top while he spends time up here. Anytime you can get quality production from utility players, your team becomes that much stronger. I want to see us make a run at this division. We can only do this by winning.

I’ll be down at Progressive Field as a fan tonight. I hope to see Zach Jackson help to continue the winning ways as of late for the Tribe. It will boost our efforts if we can win while others are on the shelf for a while. Speaking of one of those DL players, I saw Anthony Reyes last night. He appeared to remain positive from what I could tell even though the possibility of surgery for him is looming. Best of luck to him and all of the Tribe!


A retraction is needed…this is why I don’t make the decisions!

It was January. I interviewed for the Gameday security job which I will be performing at Progressive Field starting in April. (I know always the Jake) However, I need to remain professional and proper. Anyway, as I was walking in for my first interview, in came Aaron Laffey. The security guard that signed me in did not know who Laffey was but I did. He was coming to workout in his offseason program.

That got me to thinking. How many really know who this guy is? I observed him in Spring Training and thought Aaron was really rusty. My thoughts were that Aaron’s offseason program was not working out for him. That is why I made up my mind that not Aaron but Zach Jackson would be the starter in an earlier blog entry found here.

Aaron proved to us fans that he is the man for the fifth spot. Fans from casual to serious, will start to remember him now. As with all players, the more successful he is, the better he will be remembered. Let’s hope more outings are like the one he had today.

Cleveland IP H R ER BB SO HR ERA
Laffey (W, 1-2) 4.0 0 0 0 0 2 0 7.00

Never mind the ERA, just work on having more outings like this in the regular season. 

I need to apologize to Aaron for being so quick to judge him. The fan in me wants Opening Day to start right away and I never realize how much goes into getting these players into shape. For example, I heard the MLB network saying Team USA pitcher JJ Putz would not throw that pitch that he threw against Canada late in Spring Training. As the WBC moves on, the pitching will improve, the announcer said. Relating this to Aaron, the pitching is improving and hopefully pitches are being thrown that weren’t before. 

There was also an article about Jackson wanting to make the Indians roster here. As Indians fans know he is competing with Aaron Laffey, Jeremy Sowers, David Huff, Scott Lewis and Kirk Saarloos. All of these pitchers and others will make this organization stronger should they be called on.  I liked the effort they showed today in winning 4-3. Hopefully, the effort will continue in Peoria tomorrow. We shall see.

Keep it up, Aaron!  We sure are going to need your efforts to be strong and focused.


This WBC is gaining my support….finally! Also, the Indians rotation seems clear to me

I admit I was upset when Grady pulled out of the WBC. I thought there was no point to this over glorified Spring Training. I guess I was too excited in 2006. The USA then was eliminated right off the bat. Now I’m liking what I’m seeing from the USA with DeRosa and South Korea with Choo. I know I am such a homer. I have to admit I’m on the bandwagon with this contest finally.

I’m writing this, hoping the Netherlands pulls out their game with the Dominican Republic. I just see them as a team that needs no superstars or headlines, just a heart that will not quit. I hope I can see them go to another round. It just ended as i was typing. The Netherlands are moving on and the D.R. has been upset.

USA, South Korea, Netherlands, are gaining my cheers so far. Hopefully more teams will gain my support as the tourney continues. I have my choices but I don’t want to ruin their chances of advancing to round 2 so I will have to see what happens.

The Tribe showed me a lot with their offense and Wood did exactly what I expected. Much pressure was talked about today with the rotation and Scott Lewis showed his inexperience. I would have to say that the rotation as it stands on 3/10/09 is as follows:
Lee, Carmona, Pavano, Reyes and Jackson…hey why not? This is how I would run it if I had to make a decision today

Should it be Aaron or Zach?

Yesterday Eric Wedge said to reporters “One thing people have to remember, spring training isn’t about results, it’s about getting better and progressing.”.

Well one thing that is glaring out to me are Aaron Laffey’s three starts so far, one has to wonder if he is worth the #5 spot in the rotation

Start #1

Aaron gave up 1 run but it was unearned in 2 innings of work

Start #2

Aaron gave up 4 runs, all earned in 2 innings.

Start #3

Aaron Laffey was supposed to pitch 3 innings. Instead, he gave up 3 earned runs in 1 inning.

I’m starting to wonder if this is progress, as Wedge says.

Yet in Laffey’s defense, he IS coming off elbow surgery. Just watch this video


Cleveland Indians pitcher Aaron Laffey overcomes elbow injury to fight for a starting position on the Indians pitching staff.


Yet one has to argue, should Jackson be given more of a chance to earn #5 status? 

After all, he is the first pitcher to go 3 innings this spring, only giving up 1 earned run.
In previous action, Zach got the win and only gave up 1 earned run in two innings against Colorado. Still again, Zach gave up 1 run in 2 innings against San Francisco. Who has pitched better? Jackson. Yet how serious should we take this effort. Will it hold up? After all, Laffey is still coming off an elbow injury. It will be interesting to see what becomes of this as the spring progresses. Right now on March 8, I say give the spot to Zach.
However in Aaron Laffey’s defense. I believe Lee was also being written off also and we know the result was a Cy Young Award for 2008.