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My MLBlog, team need to make some changes

It is easy to do many things when the skies are sunny and clear.


The outlook is clear and the focus is constant.

Today, however in coming to work, the weather was foggy.












The outlook was unclear, the focus uncertain and the track off center.

The team and this blog were not where I wanted them to be. Reflection helped me to look deep in the mirror for a reevaluation.


The evaluation began by looking at myself.


I have made great strides personally and professionally. However, the blog has suffered. I really have not been the same since the season was about to start. A lack of time around a computer, I guess, has done this for me. The team has not made the writing any more colorful. However, I am not giving up. I want to challenge myself to improve my blog and to try to learn from where I am and where I want to be with this fun activity similar to my new diet from this



to this



from this


to this


It is the small movements of change, faith into action that make us better for the long marathon of a season. 1-7 can still be overcome.


I believe the Cleveland Indians are in need of a positive transformation also. One day at a time is my motto. One day at a time should be their motto too. Stop expecting to do well and earn it. There is a saying


Like my transformation from bad to great health that is ongoing and ever challenging and at times frustrating, so too this season looks horrendous and doomed. Still by making the fundamental and necessary changes, the Indians and me are looking to return as champions, one day at a time.

I made the choice again today to live live a champion, will they? I hope so!