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Having a Royal celebration from another Indians sweep


The Cleveland Indians are playing like it is Christmas in April. They gave their fans a Royals sweep. As a franchise, Manny Acta is getting the team to rise up to the challenges daily. It is really exciting.

I tweeted the following to Manny Acta on Tuesday. The team responded positively.

@MacTriber_11 hey tell the team, there is a “Royal Wedding” this Friday. Anyone royal doesn’t need anything else to celebrate this week.

The Cleveland Indians stats look like this currently:

They lead the American League going into tonight’s action in runs scored (129), on-base percentage (.342) and batting average (.272) Winning 16 games in April ties the most wins in April and 10 in a row at home is the most since 1996 when the team won 13 in a row.

It is my hope that this celebration can continue. Fireworks are tonight and the debut of Alex White happens tomorrow. There is a true buzz around Progressive Field these days. The pitching continues to amaze with quality starts and the offense and defense are all clicking very well. This Week In Baseball will highlight the Cleveland Indians debuting tomorrow.

If one saw the Royal Wedding this morning, the crowd there too was buzzing and very happy. It is my hope that this type of crowd will be join me tonight down at Progressive Field. This team is truly exciting and worth spending money on to watch.


How sweep it is to beat the Red Sox! Tied for first!

After the outstanding Game 4 effort in beating Beckett, the Indians began another Game 5. Ah Game 5’s against Boston in other more highly spotlighted features did not bode well for Cleveland. The NBA Conference Semifinals losing 120-88. Also the famous “shot ” by Michael Jordan stuck a dagger right into our heart beating the Cavaliers at the buzzer. In Major League Baseball, there was a drubbing from Josh Beckett losing 7-1 in the 2007 ALCS. Still another in 1999 in the ALDS losing 12-8 to Pedro Martinez. This was game 5 of 162 of the 2011 Major League Baseball season. What would this game bring to add to the Game 5 lore? Something totally wonderful.


It would bring power. Shin-Soo Choo would start off the scoring in the bottom of the first with a two run homerun to right center field. It would continue in the bottom of the 6th with a three run homerun by Asdrubal Cabrera off Dan Wheeler. It would also add a two run shot by Adrian Gonzalez of the Red Sox and a solo shot by Matt LaPorta would cap off the night.


It would bring a lot of beanings. It started with Orlando Cabrera getting beaned by Matsusaka in the 1st. In retaliation, Pedroia received a HBP by Talbot in the top of the 3rd inning. Dennys Reyes hit not one but two players in a row. First Buck, then LaPorta in the 6th inning . What was going on?


It was freezing, or at least it felt this way. The temperature seemed to be dropping instead of rising.


The fog reminded me of some movie in London starring Sherlock Holmes or the Werewolf. How fitting since the Red Sox nation was indeed trying to solve the mystery of why their team had not won a game so far or were going through a horror movie coming through a fog, something Acta called Dracula weather. It was a very well pitched game. Nothing was going out of the park this day. Whenever the ball would get in the air, it would look to be going out and then be an easy popcorn fly ball and caught. I kept telling myself that the first one to score would win this game.

The Indians missed a first chance to score when Austin Kearns popped a bunt foul only to have it caught by Jarrod Saltalamacchia leaving Shelley Duncan stranded.The following inning however, Asdrubal Cabrera shocked the Sox by hitting a cue ball like he was playing pool nailing the ball down the third base corner pocket. It looked to me from my angle to be closer than it was to be too risky. I thought Everett could be tagged out but he was not. Thus the Indians were successful in making it a 1-0 lead


The errors in judgment continued for the Red Sox when Darnell McDonald overran second base. From my angle, Darnell looked safe as well as Jacoby Ellsbury appeared to be out earlier in the game at second base at first view. The replays show things to be different at least for the Ellsbury call. I think however being on the road and 0-5 plays a psychological edge in how the game may be viewed. Thus it is harder to get close calls in your favor.


The Indians are now in first place tied with the favored Chicago White Sox and upstart KC Royals as they begin their first road trip test. It is not a typo. The late, great Dave Nilhaus will be honored adding emotion for the Mariners to do wellas well as Wedge trying to beat his former organization that he won AL Manager of the Year in 2007. After sweeping the Red Sox and about to face Wedge, the Indians will be full of emotion too. I hope the Indians can get off to a great start on the road and continue their winning ways. We shall see beginning tonight. It is fitting to say how sweep it is to slay the Goliath Red Sox, be tied for first for the moment in the American League Central and now honor a great baseball broadcaster named David. Yes the story is indeed fitting. Thank God for it all.

How sweep this is!


This is the first time I have been able to show one of these on here in 2009. The nice thing about it is it shows we are on a winning streak (4 in a row) and we did this against the defending 2008 American League Champions!
The Rays best efforts continued to fail against the Tribe despite the late start to the game at 9 p.m. It seemed like the Rays who striked first just could not put together a lead and hold it. They scored 5, we scored 5. They scored 1, we scored 3. They scored 1 more, we held the lead. It was ugly in how it started, yet the Tribe offensive display would not be denied despite the best efforts by Tampa to change our luck into a pumpkin like in Cinderella, we went past midnight, 12:30 a.m. to be exact and won 12-7 behind an outstanding effort by Ben Francisco who hit a three-run homerun among his three hit performance. 
Jump ahead to the afternoon, the Indians continued to start where they left off behind the great starting performance of David Huff. Despite getting runners on, the Rays failed to score before the Tribe. The Tribe score 2, the Rays 1. I was so tired from the night before, I had to take a nap and failed to see the game live. Still the thought of a sweep made me that much happier. To help matters, the Tigers lost to the streaky Orioles 5-1. We moved up to 21-28, 6.5 games out of first and 7 games back from average. Now the Yankees come to town for the Tribe. We can’t afford to let this hard work disappear. Let’s go Tribe! First a nap, though!
I will be attending the Captains game tomorrow night and catch up with the Tribe on Saturday where fans will get rally towels and CC. I will need to be extra ready to secure that crowd to the best of my ability.