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Tribe known for being first again: Week 1 2011 in review


For the 2011 season, it was a week of firsts, a week of new beginnings. For me, it is a comeback after a long layoff. Inspired by the beginning of the 2011 season, Justine Siegal and the Tribe known for being the first team in something again gave me great hope that something special was going to happen for the Tribe.

The Cleveland baseball club history has prided itself with being innovative and first once again. To read about and observe Justine Siegal throwing batting practice this past week was wonderful yet surprising news. Being first is nothing new for the Cleveland Indians.

The first full-blooded Native American to play in the Major Leagues was Louis Sockalexis for which the team currently was named. Indians was a way to honor him. Andrew Toy who had Native Americans in his family history and who some believe should be credited with being the first Native American who played baseball before Sockalexis also played for Cleveland, the Cleveland Blues.

The Cleveland Indians also have the honor of having the first African American League player: Larry Doby whose number has been retired by the club and whose stats earned him the right to be in the National Baseball Hall of Fame.

Furthermore, Progressive Field led the way in the green movement in helping the environment by having the first solar-paneled concession stand which debuted back in 2008. you can read about it here. So when one reads the exciting news about Ms. Siegal, one must realize that having the Cleveland Indians trying to break down barriers and be innovative in trying to change the face of Major League Baseball, the organization takes pride in helping open Major League Baseball open its doors to new possibilities. Its takes pride in being progressive. Making progress is what it aims to do, one event at a time.

On a personal note, it is good to be writing again. Inspired by Bartolo Colon, former Cleveland Indians ace pitcher, trying to make a comeback after taking last year off, I figure why not try to start up your blog again. This I shall do. It is good to be contributing to the MLBlogosphere once again. Good luck in making the Yankees and trying to play Major League Baseball once again. Let the exhibition games begin Sunday. Go Tribe2011!