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It should have been perfect

The Indians deserved to be shutout Twenty seven up twenty seven down. I’m sorry Mr Donald but you were out. One thing I hate is when a game is decided on an umpire’s call. Indians fans have seen perfection with Len Barker and as much as I cannot like the Tigers or Andres Galarraga, I must say that Andres deserved this game to be perfect.



As much as I dislike Detroit and Galarraga, I must say you should have been welcomed to the perfect game club tonight. Enough said.


May 15- the most perfect of days for me and the Tribe!

It was May 15, 1981. I remember going to a grocery store with my dad, mom and sister in Westlake, Ohio. As we were loading the groceries into the car, my dad restarted the car and put on Herb Score. His voice said something like “No runs, no hits, no errors and no one left. After 1/2 inning of play, its Toronto nothing and Cleveland coming to bat.” A typical Indians game was starting. We went home to watch what was going on. We got home and turned on the television to see Joe Tait, now voice of the Cleveland Cavaliers announcing the game with Bruce Drennan, now host of All Bets are Off with Bruce Drennan on SportsTime Ohio, the Indians television network. However, then, it was all about WUAB Channel 43 in Cleveland.


Anyway, I remember sitting in front of the set with the rest of my family finding it simply amazing that Len Barker, with his high leg kick where I thought his knee hit his forehead could get out hitters like Danny Ainge, Damaso Garcia, Buck Martinez and Ernie Whitt among others. However he did. He had the help of outstanding defense from players like Toby Harrah at third base and Duane Kuiper at second base. And who could forget the homerun by Jorge Orta. I know I could watch this on MLB.com but when and if you saw it live, you wanted to be there and many would say they were if they lived in Northeast Ohio.

May 15, 1999 started out like any other day. I remember how it felt so much like summer. It was awesome. Sunny, warm, and here I was going to be in a tux. I went to clean out the car and get it washed. Today, I was getting married to my wonderful wife, Kathy. She and I today celebrate the day 10 years and counting. Even though, I cannot reproduce the weather, the warm and wonderful memories live on each day we are together. HAPPY 10th ANNIVERSARY SWEETHEART!


 Aaron Kurth

May 15th, 2009 The Cleveland Indians are going for win 15 and their 3rd in a row. They will have to play in a dome, sweet dome against Scott Kazmir. The Indians are 20-5 in their last 25 games against Tampa Bay. Hopefully, after tonight the Indians will be able to guarantee a split in the series. They will have former Cardinal Anthony Reyes on the mound.

 I hope for the best. Just like I made a promise to my wife for better or worse, I too strive to make a promise to my team, the Indians to root, root, root for them for better or worse also. I can only hope that they will come through for me tonight and the rest of the Cleveland Indians fans.

One word about last night. I was very impressed with our team focus, drive and overall effort from especially the offense. Choo, A-Cab as I like to call him(Asdrubal Cabrera) and Victor Martinez really impressed me with their approach. This was a team effort which I hope continues. After all, when you get married on 5/15, your team has a perfect game on 5/15 and is now on a 2 game winning streak, going for three, continuing to strive for luck, blessing and perfection is the name of the game, I would say.

Scribbling down thoughts: I’m starting to wonder if I’m the problem. 7-13 hurts me personally

Just like players, I too am a fan full of superstitions. Wade Boggs of the Red Sox, Yankees and Devil Rays ate chicken before every game. I am wondering, am I blogging too much?…not enough? There is more than the question of blogs. Let me explain…

I HAVE ALWAYS BEEN A FAN OF THE INDIANS! I have seen every type of moment that the Tribe has presented since 1977. I saw a perfect game on television on May 15, 1981 with Len Barker. I loved Joe Charboneau’s 1980 rookie of the year season. I saw when Joe Carter led the team to win 10 in a row and finish in fourth place only to be picked by Sports Illustrated to be special and fall flat. The revival of the 90’s and when I thought our 1997 team was better than 1995. It was interesting that I never had time to follow the 2005 team but went to Game 4 of the 2007 ALCS against Wakefield. With all these memories, I have seen a common idenity that I saw at the end of last year…effort and fight for respect. I take the Indians personally.

I prayed that the Browns would lose….wore Denver shirts to school….I saw the shot that Jordan had against the Cavs and when Mark Price left, so did my heart for the team. However, with the Indians, I have remained faithful. This year, I have not watched or listened to one Cavalier game. Good thing, they keep winning. Yet its interesting. I never think to let go of my dream for the Tribe. I often joke saying that the Indians will finally win when my career gets reestablished and I am relocated to a place out of Ohio and sent to a place yet to be determined.

Tonight was another one of those games that I said we had and let go. We had the Red Sox on the ropes in 2007 up 3-1 and let them go to knock us out. Tonight we had Papelbon on the ropes with runners on and could not tie it up and let them go. Where is the fight? What is the plan? I wonder if I just care too much and need to let go and expect my team to lose 120 games then it won’t be so bad.

I want to say this player or that player has to go, this coach or that coach has to go. Yet what good does my blog do to change this? I see talent and plans going to waste, yet no one is talking enough. I wonder when this team will catch on. Perhaps I need to make this a general blog about all things baseball. Yet this would be hypocrisy. I love my Tribe They are my team. At 7-13, this looks bad. I just wonder how this, if this is ever going to turn around.

A microcosm of what I saw. Grady was at third, two out. Skinner, the third base coach is telling him something, yet he acts as though he is brushing him off. Also I saw a tremendous try at a ball by Grady in the top of the ninth. Ben Francisco does not back him up. He gets the ball and keeps Lowell at first.Eventually the Sox don’t score again and only score the three. Fans beside me think they may be the curse and may not come back. We have individual leaders yet the team is divided. End of story. As my faith tells me, a house divided cannot stand. This house has cracked and I’m wondering how to fix it as a fan.