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Indians preview vs. Mariners-Things that make me go hmmm!/Postgame reaction: Thank you God for Chris Gimenez!

Cleveland Ohio: I’m feeling great today, enough to give you this preview and postgame of today’s game between the Cleveland Indians and the Seattle Mariners.

The Cleveland Indians are 6-10 and the Seattle Mariners are 7-8 respectively this Spring.

Thoughts that came to my mind concerning this game and the Mariners two games were: 

1. I noticed that Russell Branyan was not headed to Goodyear Field and it got me to thinking what are they so afraid of. Do they think we know too much about him being a former Indian and his weaknesses? 

2. I also was reading about the Seattle Mariners and realized that Erik Bedard was pitching one inning against the Dodgers today and not against us, the Tribe. I was wondering why this is the case. I thought perhaps, it was because they don’t want us to get a good read on him for the regular season when we might face him again. 

3. I also saw Ken Griffey was not here for us to scout today. Yes it has been several years but do the Mariners think we may rescout his weaknesses and discover something more to exploit during the regular season, perhaps. Also, Franklin Gutierrez will not be here. Hmmm…

4. I also noticed Grady Sizemore, a native from Washington was also not in today’s lineup. I wonder if Seattle has an excellent read on Sizemore and we want to leave him out to keep the Mariners from getting even a better read on Sizemore for 2009.

Remember, these are just things that make me go hmmm. The press will say one thing but just what are the reason for what is going on between these two teams as they strategize for later when the games really count in 2009. Nevertheless, enjoy the game today and the best of luck to Jeremy Sowers. Talk to all of you after the game, hopefully! Until then, let’s get ready to play ball!

*Please also note and be patient for I am going to be doing some Spring cleaning of my blog tonight. It will be put back up. I am just rearranging some items on the blog page. Thanks!*

Postgame-I read the box score courtesy of www.mlb.com and was overjoyed like I haven’t been in a long time. So many times I put so much focus into the pressure of the “now” and take it personally. I think I was like that with football years ago. Win-its a great week, lose its a bad week, then I learned to let go and just have fun. Tonight I did this. I did not hang on to every pitch, I just let go and was so excited to see that Chris Gimenez came through with a game-winning homerun. What a moment! It seems a lesson is here! I let go of the “now”, relaxed and let the players just play without worrying about them for a change, took time for myself and a movie that really was great. Lo, and behold, the Indians now are 7-10, thanks to God and Chris Gimenez! What a day into night that it has been for me! Hopefully the Tribe can do this again. Final score Cleveland 4 Seattle 1