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Random views about Cleveland sports has me wanting the Tribe to be smart about how they do things!

My life has been in a whirlwind for the better lately. I recently was able to land a better position for myself. My focus has been trying to make this opportunity work for me. This has had me reading Anthony Castrovince everyday and glad that baseball is on the horizon for 2010 no matter what the record for the Tribe.

Yesterday I went to my first Cavaliers’ game since Shaq was a Laker. I kept looking at the uniforms and thinking I was seeing the team with Mark Price and Craig Ehlo and thinking I was on the road when the Cavaliers were playing last night while they wore the old school jerseys from the late 1980’s.

The crowd was amazing. Still i just cannot get into basketball as much as baseball. I’d much rather like to see the Indians with a losing record at Progressive Field than the Cavaliers. I guess the sport of baseball just inspires me so much. However, it was great to see my son getting so excited about LeBron, Antuan, Shaq and the rest of the team. He went home and wanted to simulate the game he just saw at Quicken Loans Arena.

I felt this way when I saw Len Barker, Joe Charboneau, Rick Manning, Duane Kuiper, Toby Harrah and the rest of the 1980, 1981 teams when I first saw and fell in love with Cleveland Indians baseball. I remember going out in my yard and simulating the players that I observed down at old Cleveland Municipal Stadium.

I heard that we officially signed Russ Branyan and I sighed and thought “Oh well…(no comment)..prove me wrong Russ!”


I was very glad to see that Jake Westbrook pitched in his first workout pain free. I just hope he lasts this entire year even if rumors come true that he gets traded. I wish I had some players to hang my hat on.

I just hope the Indians with their recent promotions of Mark Shapiro to President and Chris Antonetti for GM for 2011. has me thinking for the Indians to be smart about what they do to make this organization a winner again.

After all, the worst thing for the Indians to do when the Cavs are tops and the Browns are fast approaching potentially returning to glory with Mik Holmgren as their President and their late season winning streak, the Indians can ill-afford to bury themselves in the fans’ minds as an afterthought and last in the city’s major team list, especially since dollars are hard to come by for most in this town.

Hoping for better times, hanging on to the dream of winning Cleveland baseball!



No expectations are what these teams need from me.

As I write this, the Tribe is fighting and leading 5-0. I am not counting wins and losses anymore, its just too much depression. I need to refocus on having fun and not taking this season too seriously as I have up until now.

My life is already overwhelming to worry about the Tribe as much. At 22-32, it looks impossible. It would be easy to give up as I have at times this season. Yet, with the start tonight by the team, one can hope that the team will compete once again now that the cloud of pressure surrounding WINNING has somewhat dissipated. I have resolved that the team may lose 100 games. However, I keep hope that the team can make things respectable once again. We shall see. Remember NO MORE EXPECTATIONS, AARON! I tell this to myself. The less I worry or watch, the better they seem to do and the better my health seems to be lately starting tonight.

I keep this low expectation for the minor leaguers though I want to win with each game I attend. The Captains since the last time I wrote lost a close one 9-8 to the West VA. Power and now had their game suspended 1-1 in the 4th. They will try to get it in tomorrow.

Akron lost 12-5 to Reading yesterday and is losing tonight also. Losing streaks are always tough to be a part of as a player, a coach and a fan. So hopeiully Akron is on their way to winning once again. I still like what I see from their team as they remain 3 games out in front and in first place beginning tonight’s action.

More minors tomorrow.

I just want to give a shout out to the trainers for trying to do their best to get the players back playing again. It is frustrating for all in Cleveland after the Cavs lost to see this team and city struggling so. With all the injuries, It is also a wonder they don’t ask MLB officials if they can have paramedics sit where the ballboys are during games just waiting for the next player to fall to injury. It is hard to see. I know the players are finding it hard to experience. Yet we must fight through it, together as a city as I know the team is also doing tonight. Good luck tonight Tribe! That is all we can hope for.

Now onto finding myself a new career once again. Its what I need to focus on.

Game 10: Journal reflection about Tribe win 10-2 vs. Yanks

For those that read my blog for which I am continuously thankful, I dedicate this entry to all of you.

Here is an example of a daily log that I encountered at my work site.

12:30 Right before gametime, I am approached by various visitors to the building along with some co-workers who advise me to not get so excited about the Tribe, dump them at the curb for the 2-7 team that they are and join the cheers for LeBron James and the Cavalier bandwagon.


12:35 As much as I am happy for the city and the chance for a major sports title for this city since 1964, I politely decline the invitation and say my favorite sport is baseball and I cannot be a front runner especially since the superstar LeBron James does this in Cleveland.
12:36 I continue to reflect and just cannot cheer for a Yankee fan or player. Don’t get me wrong! I respect all players and fans and want them to be able to express their opinions freely. Still I cannot cheer for a Yankee! In my stadium, this is a sign of disrespect toward my neighbors and friends and fellow followers and fans of the Tribe.
Approx. 13:05 I now hear on my radio that I am allowed to use that CC is about to throw out the first pitch, It is awfully weird hearing CC as a Yankee.


 Approx. 1400 I walk away from the radio all together due to the Tribe’s poor 2-7 start and thoughts of Joe Borowski blowing a save to A-Rod. Time to turn to prayer. When I return to the desk area, I hear that the score is 1-0 Tribe, thanks to Kelly Shoppach.
Approx 1430 I engage in another conversation with a man who asks the score. I say, “Currently, the Indians are up 1-0.” He sarcastically states his opinion saying “Not for long, go Cavs!”
Approx 1500 Right before I am able to depart, the game is tied thanks to a homerun by Jorge Posada. 


Approx. 1510 I arrive in my car and turn the radio on and off as soon as I hear the Tribe threatening to score focusing on prayer as a way to center me and keep me grounded and humbled by the opportunity to be a fan of the Tribe.
Approx 1530 I receive a call from my wife wanting me to make dinner plans. I turn my focus to this and forget to watch the game. When I return I am able to see Grady Sizemore hit a grand slam making the score 9-1 in favor of the good guys.


Not concerned about time anymore, I see Victor Martinez hit one immediately after Grady making the score 10-1.
The final score was 10-2 as all of you readers know. At 3-7, we cannot cancel out the importance of staying focused on the game at hand. We must place our focuses on this man and go at it once again later today.
Let’s not lose this momentum. The Yanks are one tough team. We must continue to fight the good fight and follow the example of this Biblical king. Keep up the great effort!