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Conversation with the Yankees

Another day in the AL East neighborhood. We are coming off beating the Rays 4 games and 17 games at Progressive Field since 2005. Woohoo, I am dreaming of being out of the cellar and back to .500. Hold on what’s this.

Me: Oh great! You again! The big bad bully from the dark side!

Yankees: Yeah its me. I take the players I want when I want. I took your former ace and now your team suffers for it sitting there in last place trying to survive.

Yankees: I will take Grady, Ryan Garko, Cliff Lee and any other star I feel is worthy to fit the Yankees because that is what I do! I would buy your team if I could and move them back to New Jersey if I could and leave you with nothing. After all I plan to do this with LeBron in 2010.

Me: You, you bully you. Why do you hate Cleveland so?

Yankees: You Clevelanders don’t know how to win when it counts. I do, 26 times, make it 27 after this year! Ha! Ha! You can’t even win with LeBron, the greatest athlete you have left. Still I hate you because you ruined my party and beat me up on Opening Day in my new pad. You send bugs to make me fire a great man like Joe Torre. You caused Joe D. to end his 56 game hitting streak. I will not have this from you or your team. You embarrass me. Now bend over and take your whipping!

Me: We have pride and will fight you to the death, you bully. By the way LeBron still is alive until Saturday, at least. As long as we have a pulse, there is still hope.

Yankees: Fine then I will send you the best bought talent ever and force you to submit and lose. After alI, I  have Mark Texieria, Derek Jeter, A-Roid, I mean Alex Rodriguez, CC, your best pitcher for several years, Joba. Also Posada is back. Robinson Crusoe, I mean Cano, and Hideki Matsui, just to name a few. Tonight I will send Andy Pettitte to give you your first loss. Now get on that basement floor and like it.

Me: How about I just meet you at Progressive Field and fight you with my team?

Yankees: Fine, we will see you at 7 p.m. and try to blow you out by 7:30. You will have no chance. After all, I have all the benjamins and lumber and arms to make quick work of you.

Me: Mr. Cliff Lee, its on you tonight. I hope you and the rest of Cleveland can win tonight. The Yankees think they can just walk into here and beat us to a pulp. Let’s support Cliff, offense and strike first. Beat these self-proclamed prima donnas who always think they are entitled. Respect is earned when it is given. (I have to remind myself of this.)  PLAY HARD! RESPECT the Yankees’ talent, yet win anyway! EARN SOME,  starting TONIGHT!


Game 10: Journal reflection about Tribe win 10-2 vs. Yanks

For those that read my blog for which I am continuously thankful, I dedicate this entry to all of you.

Here is an example of a daily log that I encountered at my work site.

12:30 Right before gametime, I am approached by various visitors to the building along with some co-workers who advise me to not get so excited about the Tribe, dump them at the curb for the 2-7 team that they are and join the cheers for LeBron James and the Cavalier bandwagon.


12:35 As much as I am happy for the city and the chance for a major sports title for this city since 1964, I politely decline the invitation and say my favorite sport is baseball and I cannot be a front runner especially since the superstar LeBron James does this in Cleveland.
12:36 I continue to reflect and just cannot cheer for a Yankee fan or player. Don’t get me wrong! I respect all players and fans and want them to be able to express their opinions freely. Still I cannot cheer for a Yankee! In my stadium, this is a sign of disrespect toward my neighbors and friends and fellow followers and fans of the Tribe.
Approx. 13:05 I now hear on my radio that I am allowed to use that CC is about to throw out the first pitch, It is awfully weird hearing CC as a Yankee.


 Approx. 1400 I walk away from the radio all together due to the Tribe’s poor 2-7 start and thoughts of Joe Borowski blowing a save to A-Rod. Time to turn to prayer. When I return to the desk area, I hear that the score is 1-0 Tribe, thanks to Kelly Shoppach.
Approx 1430 I engage in another conversation with a man who asks the score. I say, “Currently, the Indians are up 1-0.” He sarcastically states his opinion saying “Not for long, go Cavs!”
Approx 1500 Right before I am able to depart, the game is tied thanks to a homerun by Jorge Posada. 


Approx. 1510 I arrive in my car and turn the radio on and off as soon as I hear the Tribe threatening to score focusing on prayer as a way to center me and keep me grounded and humbled by the opportunity to be a fan of the Tribe.
Approx 1530 I receive a call from my wife wanting me to make dinner plans. I turn my focus to this and forget to watch the game. When I return I am able to see Grady Sizemore hit a grand slam making the score 9-1 in favor of the good guys.


Not concerned about time anymore, I see Victor Martinez hit one immediately after Grady making the score 10-1.
The final score was 10-2 as all of you readers know. At 3-7, we cannot cancel out the importance of staying focused on the game at hand. We must place our focuses on this man and go at it once again later today.
Let’s not lose this momentum. The Yanks are one tough team. We must continue to fight the good fight and follow the example of this Biblical king. Keep up the great effort!



2008 Playoffs are Here! How are some former Tribe personnel doing?

My perspective for the 2008 playoffs are clearly centered around the (former) Tribe personnel. Each profile will tell all readers why the teams are where they are today going into Friday.

1. Milwaukee- Clearly Milwaukee was carried heavily by the effort of CC Sabathia to earn the 2008 National League Wildcard Playoff Winner or best of those in second place. CC needed to come up big for this Brew Crew with them down 1-0 going into today. What I saw today showed me that he can’t come through in the big game, ie. 2007 in the ALCS all over again. Thus, Milwaukee is down 2-0 and now has to take the Phillies in the next three games just to make it to the NLCS.

2. LA Dodgers- When Manny came from Boston to LA. I heard rumblings that said “not AZ but LA would now win the NL West.” Sure enough, this leadership continued for Manny, His presence in these playoffs in both Game 1 and 2 have been a big reason why the Dodgers have themselves 1 game away from a sweep of the Cubs. When Manny was with the Tribe, he as well as many others could hit with the best of them, this NLDS is no exception. Casey Blake also added a run scoring hit of his own to make the score 10-1 at the time. LA Dodgers lead 2-0 in their series.

3. Tampa Bay- The coaching of a young team can be challenging and sometimes feel overwhelming. However, if Brian Anderson has any influence on the young pitchers of Tampa as he did when he pitched for the Tribe in 1997, he will teach them to stay enthusiastic, hungry and within themselves as he did when he pitched so well for us against Baltimore in the 1997 ALCS. They find themselves up currently 1-0 in their series with the White Sox..

4. Boston- Experience under pressure means something and Terry Francona has this along with John Farrell. On the brink of elimination, they fought back to beat the Tribe and win the 2007 World Series. They did not stop there. They continued to show that same leadership in a quest to repeat as champions once again as they took a 1-0 lead in their series with the LA Angels.

Who will step up or disappoint as former members of the Tribe in the future has yet to be seen? Good luck to all former members of the Tribe in the coming games. More thoughts as the ALDS and NLDS continue.