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Analysis of the season so far!

We are headed for a win.

Easy-Street-Giclee-Print-C11788886.jpeg Bring in the bullpen!


Put the runners on!
It leads to another blown save or lead!

This then leads to a loss of a game!


If it is not turned around fast, it will lead to a loss of a season!



Game 14: Too close to relax!

I just returned from the game after working at Progressive Field. Here were my overall observations.

Question off the cuff: Is it just me or does Trey Hillman look a lot like this fellow Royal?

I was very happy to see Victor get 4 hits in 5 at bats including what turned out to be the game winning homer in the 8th.

Also, Grady helped me as I picked him in the MLB.com Beat the Streak contest. For me lately, the contest is one called “Start a streak” He also helped me get a homerun and advance in the HR version of Beat the Streak.


The Indians won so my Survivor streak was lucky enough to increase to six games.


We tied a record for double plays in a game: 6 total in 6 consecutive innings. It was wonderful to see Aaron Laffey keep the ball down and only give up one run in 7 innings of work. He was like the calm water on a clear day.

Then came the 8th.
The 8th inning had our bullpen give up 4 runs to the Royals to cut the lead to 6-5. Thanks to that 6th consecutive double play stated by Jensen Lewis, the Tribe held the lead. Our bullpen is so far the reason I watch like the team is walking on eggshells.
Kerry Wood was firing it in there and holding the lead well until Coco Crisp hit a ball off the end of the bat that made it look more like a cue stick. This was followed by “I betcha can’t hit this up and in” answered by “Yes I Can” by David DeJesus. Luckily the lead was held onto 8-7. However, it was too close for comfort for me and while working I couldn’t turn the channel.


I was very happy to see them hold onto a lead and win. Hopefully, this will build up some momentum as the Tribe continues a 9 game homestand tomorrow. I’ll be working at the game again.

Images: http://bleacherreport.com/images_root/image_pictures/0008/2748/random_key_54896_file_sizemore.grady.1_article.jpg

Christmas Wishes for the Bullpen: 2009 Season Preview Edition!

Today in recent history has been named Black Friday. My family celebrated by one of the “six pack” ticket plans. With fans deciding how to wisely spend their money and look forward to 2009 with optimism and a general love for the game of baseball, I thought I would be like my son and daughter and write a list of wishes to Santa Claus or even “Pronkta” Claus if it would help to share what I hope the Indians would bring me and all the other fans to help improve the team for 2009.

The 2008 Cleveland Indians’ bullpen started in theory where it left off in 2007 because of the success it showed in leading the team one win away from another World Series appearance. This decision showed how hard it is from year to year to produce success. A lot has to come together to make a consistent winner. Some would call it luck and this may indeed be the case. With careful planning, it can happen again. How about 2009? A fan like me can only hope! Where do the changes need to really take place, however?

The popular choice is closer. However, after Jensen Lewis what showed consistently in the last two months of the 2008 season acheiving 13 saves, one like myself would argue that a closer is not what this team needs to sign to be successful. The counter argument to this is that Jensen is not experienced enough. Thus a closer is exactly whom the team should sign to take the pressure off Lewis. It will be interesting to me what types of signings or trades they make to make the bullpen better. Also, what input if any, will Chuck Hernandez provide to make the Indians bullpen the best it can be?

If I were in charge of the Indians organization, I would go after the following people to help bolster the bullpen. First of all, I would not sign Hoffman. I look at his age and unfamiliarity with the league as reasons for this. This is why I am not a GM.

However, there are names I would go after such as Bob Howry whose 2005 effort really impressed me as we just missed the playoffs that year. I would also like to see Kyle Farnsworth would do on this team. I just think he might do well. As a Yankee and a Tiger, he was not great. However at the same time, he was not downright awful. He may just help bolster Raffy “right” and be insurance for the pen in certain games. These two are just some of the possible selections GM Shapiro and Asst. GM Antonetti have to look at. It will be interesting to see how it all comes together.as the signings and possible trades begin to heat up. Whatever happens or whomever they decide to get, Santa and Pronkta, I think what we would want overall is depth as well as consistency. However, isn’t this what every team wants? Stay tuned! Surprises await us all!