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Thanks to Homer, we get to Bart for the series win. DOH!

Tonight as I was watching the Yankees show power over the Rays, I was enjoying the fact that the Indians were off for the first time in about a month and enjoying the fact that the Indians were coming off a series win vs. the White Sox taking two out of three games due to fast balls thrown right over the heart of the plate leading to back to back homeruns twice in yesterday’s game and 8-4 win. The rookies on the team really shined with home runs from Luis Valbuena and Chris Gimenez followed by homeruns back to back from Victor Martinez and Shin-Soo Choo. What made it extra special was this offensive showcase was against Bartolo Colon, a former Tribe pitcher. These homers along with a defensive gem from Trevor Crowe helped the tribe shine to a series win.

Knowing the Royals are 1-9 in their last 10 games gives me confidence this series will also help our team overcome the odds, and come out on top. If we do then we should be out of the cellar. We shall see as our first adversary will be Brian Bannister. Good luck tomorrow, boys!


Game 15: Pitching duel leaves Tribe grounded by KC.

When reading the pitching probable for yesterday’s matchup courtesy of MLB.com, it showed Cleveland’s Cliff Lee with a 12-4 lifetime record and 5-0 in 2008 vs. the Royals. On the other side, it showed KC’s Bannister with a 2-0 record against the Indians at Progressive Field. It showed me that a pitching duel was going to take place and someone’s streak was going to be tarnished.

The weather started out pretty raw, yet fair. As I worked, it was okay, as long as I kept working. The Royals philosophy is one that moves the runners. It says “get on, move the runners, hit and run and do the little things to get the runners home” This is exactly what they did as Coco Crisp got on with a double to the opposite field only to be moved over with two sacrifice flies. (1-0 KC)

Before last night, The Tribe had played from behind in 8 of the 14 games played so far. In those games where they have trailed, the Indians were 2-6. The odds were not in their favor trailing once again. Still there was hope because the Tribe trailed the previous night and came from behind to hold on 8-7 for the win.


However, Brian Bannister had the Tribe off balance all night. When we were thinking fast, he pitched slower. When we we thinking slow, he pitched fast. In the 4th, we had our best chance to score something with two consecutive hits, yet Jhonny Peralta hit a groundball to shortstop Mike Aviles who was able to get the lead runner throwing to the third baseman Mark Teahan. Shin Soo Choo followed with a flyout to centerfield and Kelly Shoppach struck out looking.

As the night went on, the night became bonechilling cold. The Indians’ opportunities seemed to grow colder also. As for the Royals, in the 7th, two straight singles by Mike Jacobs and Alberto Callaspo followed by Willie Bloomquist two batters later. (KC 2-0)

The Indians saved their best chance for scoring in the ninth when with one out, Jhonny Peralta walked and Shin Soo Choo hit a single up the middle. Kelly Shoppach hit a ball that looked like it was going to carry yet DeJesus was able to catch it as he fell to the ground. Peralta and Choo were able to advance to second and third once there was a passed ball. Now with one hit, we could tie it up. Instead, Trevor Crowe struck out looking.

The Indians seemed like a plane ready to take off, yet being grounded at the last minute looking at the Royals as they ran just enough to score twice. It was a rotten night for both, the Royals just took advantage of the opportunities a little more.capt_d66f3fc874a94ce3a193b0c3099ee5f6_royals_indians_baseball_ohmd107.jpg

One bright spot of the night was the arrival of Tony Sipp. His inning of work in the top of the ninth was OUTSTANDING! Seeing him strikeout Mike Jacobs was AWESOME! Anytime I see a power pitcher strike out a power hitter especially since the pitcher was on my team is just simply AWESOME! It will be great to see him in action if yesterday was a sign of a bullpen transformation.

Now the Indians have trailed in 9 of the 15 games played and are 2-7 in those games. No wonder 5-10 is our record. With baseball there is always hope that today will put us on a winning streak which is what I want when facing Boston. Hey, how about the next four games, guys? After all, the weather will be getting nicer.