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I’m in the middle of my own personal spring, er..lifetime training.

As much as I try to kid myself, sometimes life catches up to you and hits you with the realization of what is truly important and what is meant to be a relaxing time. Last week, I was hit with one of those “you better stop trying to mimic Tom Hamilton, Paul Hoynes and Anthony Castrovince and realize who you are here for and what you are here to do.”
Here is part of the conversation:

Me: “Yeah, yeah, I know but I love to blog about the game of baseball.”
Doc: Your life and family are what matters
Me: I know Doc. I’m working 2 days a week in the building office as an administrative assistant, the other 3 as a guard in the same building and in April I will be privileged to be down at Progressive Field to help keep the atmosphere for other fans safe, so that makes for much fun and a lot of work, plus I will be with my family as a fan at various games. It will be great.
Doc: That is why you need to go into Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter training mode now.
Me: What?
Doc: You need to change and preserve your life.
Me: Okay, but I’m in the Top 50, I can’t let all those bloggers down. I want to stay in the scene and tell them things like “I saw A-Rod get out of his limo and tell about how his time on rehab helped him to refocus his energy on finding what really matters about life and making priorities to be at his very best. And yet after this conversation, the Indians would somehow pull out the upset 11-10.”
Doc: Exactly!
Me What the win?
Doc No, the part about refocusing your energy to find out what really matters about life and making priorities to be at your very best can go for you, Aaron too!
Me: But the Indians?
Doc: Let them go…they have outstanding leaders on and off the field. They want you to be a part of their season each and every step of the way keeping the crowds safe and fan friendly.
Me: So this means less blogging, a chance out of the Top 50 and more and more training.
Doc: Perhaps, your diabetes needs to be controlled first and foremost, Top 50 or not.
Me: Okay Doc, I’m willing to do it! I will try my best to remain a top 100 blogger for the year but not sacrifice my ego if it means making my health worse and losing out on what really matters like these people. Below are my kids, wife and I at Chase Field! I wish I could go back!

Please note the blogging will continue, just maybe not as frequently as I envisioned. My baseball life will be busy. I just may not have time as much as I planned to devote to this blogging come April. Every game may not be reported on as I would like, Things may improve but if I’m not in the Top 50 or 100, I understand. I thank all who read this blog and will do my best to keep it up. I just don’t want to put too much pressure put on myself. After all, I just don’t make millions like most of the players but oh, how I love the game and I always will. Go Tribe! Play ball!

Speaking of playing ball. I heard they lost 6-3. Alright I may be crazy but I would just take and make every player from September last year and put them on this team if I could and just make it a seven man rotation, What am I crazy? No I just like Jackson and Lewis and Reyes and Lee and Carmona to win or keep their health and jobs too along with newly acquired Pavano (wanting him to really succeed and not feel pressure that much and also do not want Laffey to leave the 5th spot) just so that Jake Westbrook’s comeback in the second half in case its rusty. If I could make this all happen, I would be sitting up here and be like these guys. Now that will be something to blog about tomorrow perhaps. If I were the team’s GM or Assistant GM, I would….


Top 10 Reasons to go to Goodyear for Spring Training… Letterman style

As I plan to leave for Spring Training on Wednesday, I came up with a list to inspire me before I go. Drum roll please…

10. Ask Jhonny if he still sees better than 20/20.

jhonny eyes.jpg

9. Find a replacement for Uncle Sal… Maybe “The Godfather Dellucci”???

sal-dellucci pic.jpg
8. To hear Bruce Drennan echo “I love ya Cleveland” in the Arizona air.

bruce pic.jpg7. To get a picture with Shapiro because I can never find him in Cleveland.

6. Scalp some tickets for $100 like the Dodgers.

5. Start a Grady’s Ladies Sisterhood in Goodyear, even though I’m a guy.


4. To see if Valbuena is as good as his name suggests.

3. Join Kobayashi for a daily Wal-Mart fix.

masa wal-mart.jpg
2. Join Fausto Carmona at the Andy Marte Buffet.

fausto buffet.jpg
1. To give Castrovince $20 for his Goodyear Complex photo tour.

complex tour.jpg

Thanks to David Letterman for the format and to Anthony Castrovince for most of the content ideas.

Here are some others that didn’t quite meet the list.

    • To sneak into the Complex with the mass of Japanese media.
    • To actually see a road game on a tank of gas & get home before the sun sets.
    • Borrow John Adams’ drum so I can stand out in the crowd.
    • Bring Wild Thing’s glasses for Wood to wear.
    • Preview this year’s Cy Young winner.
    • Snag a foul ball, only to run into a cactus in the process.
    • To take a ride on the Choo train.
    • To see if Betancourt is in session this year.
    • Get rejected for a photo with Casey Blake… Oh wait, he’s on the Dodgers.
    • Get the REAL story about Dellucci’s injured finger.

Sources for images:


What’s In a Name?

This news announced Thursday from Indians MLB.com beat reporter Anthony Castrovince found here was not news to us Tribe fans including this one and me. Andy Marte was released. It was expected. However, it was a story that brought back a lot of memories for me to reflect upon.


The Arrival of Coco Crisp
It began August 7, 2002. On this day, Coco Crisp came to the Indians. At the time, my daughter was 2 and my son just turned 1. I was already a big fan of the game. After watching Coco one night against the Angels, I decided this would be the player I would tell my children to emulate when playing or watching the game. The way he played the game was one i wanted my kids to follow. I kept repeating his name every time I sat down to watch baseball telling my children to watch his every at bat. I remember one such at bat. Coco was up with the bases loaded against the Reds at the time as I recall against their closer at the time, Danny Graves. t1_graves_all.jpg A shot up the middle from Crisp and the winning run scored. “We came back and won, kids, thanks to Coco Crisp” I guess what helped make him so memorable was that he reminded us all of Snap Crackle and Pop. snapcracklepop0002.JPG

The Arrival of Andy Marte
This news hit me hard. It was hard to tell the kids. I think it was harder for me to tell about than it was for them to take. They simply went on to like other players. I, however felt like I lost another Rocky Colavito. Still I was optimistic and moved on. I heard and read many good reports about Andy and was willing to watch him develop into an All-Star third baseman.

We fans expected Andy to be filet_migon.jpg but all we got was spam.jpg Andy had so much potential but just never lived up to his billing.
It was hard for him and hard for us. I was happy to see him go and try to succeed elsewhere. After all I was tired of singing the name game and needing one of these Survivair-M15-Gas-Mask.jpg when talking about Marte.
I was also tired of the jokes about K-mart or Wal-Mart and relating them to Andy. It just didn’t work out and needed to change.

The arrival of De Rosa and promise of Hodges
6094.jpg small_hodges.jpg
With DeRosa, I feel very confident that we are in good shape. I wrote earlier about DeRosa here and just feel so much better about the situation. Also after seeing Wes Hodges play in Akron, I really believe we have some promise there that could be well worth the price of admission in the future. i know I was impressed with what I saw even though gas was at $4 a gallon. It was well worth the one hour there and back from my house, even at those prices. Perhaps i will need to go two hours to Columbus to continue to see his progress. Hopefully I will see De Rosa and Hodges in some action when I go in a few days to Goodyear. I know no matter what, it will be well worth it.

Image credits: http://sportsillustrated.cnn.com/fantasy/baseball/news/2003/05/01/nl_report/t1_graves_all.jpg