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Game 12: New or old Yankee Stadium has 22 as a familiar number for the Tribe!

Before I begin, MLBlogs.com has been in existence for 4 years. I wish Mark and MLBlogs a very happy birthday! I have been very grateful for this blog to talk baseball.

What is it about the number 22 and the Tribe in Yankee Stadium, new or old?

There is a saying: Those who do not remember the past are condemned to repeat it! I am happy to share with all readers the following TRIBE flashback.

westbrook-jake-getty-070407.jpgph_425386.jpg It was August 31, 2004. Jake Westbrook shutout the Yankees that day with some help from Jeremy Guthrie.

  16eb304vizquel130p.jpg Omar Vizquel went 6-7 that day.
  990_ft_coco_crisp.jpg Coco Crisp had a 2 run homerun. 
gerut.jpg Jody Gerut had a three run homerun.
  11373a4martinez130p.jpg So did Victor Martinez..
  237142_hafnerhomer.JPG Travis Hafner had a triple in that game scoring the first three runs. 

DerekJeterSwing.thumbnail.jpga-rod-bonus-all-star.jpgsheffield (1).jpgThumbnail image for matsui_hideki0910.jpg18e48f3will130p.jpgThumbnail image for 2004_06_slofton.jpg

Jeter was there. So was A-Rod. Bernie Williams was also there. Hideki Matsui was there.
Sheffield was also there. Even a former favorite Indian from their glory years Kenny Lofton. Final score 22-0

Flash forward to yesterday, April 18th, 2009
With this score a part of their memory, I was shocked to see it happen today. YET IT DID!
(Please don’t wake me if I am dreaming this.)

Thumbnail image for derek_jeter.jpgThumbnail image for A-Rod.jpg974666cd6599300a.jpgcarmona-fausto-392-cp-080919.jpg

Jeter was there. A-Rod was not as he is recovering from injury. Bernie played a great guitar the other day. No confirmation if he was there. Hideki Matsui was there. Sheffield was over at Citi Field on the Mets, one day after hitting his 500th HR. He promised revenge against Carmona for this so he was somewhere in the city. A former favorite Indian was also there to experience the number 22, CC Sabathia.medium_2cc-sabathia301.jpg

214030.jpg7f58971f6347af2a.jpg7076 (1).jpg

For the Indians, Fausto with the help of Kobayashi and Chulk actually were trailing 2-0 early, yet held the Yanks to 4 and won again 22 to 4.

Victor and Travis had solo shots. Mark DeRosa had another homer for the second day in a row. Grady matched Friday with another homerun. Asdrubal hit his own version of the Grand Slam. Shin Soo Choo hit a three run shot of his own, also

Mark DeRosa had another homer for the second day in a row. Grady matched Friday with another homerun. Asdrubal hit his own version of the Grand Slam. Shin Soo Choo hit a three run shot of his own, also

To preview tomorrow, the Cleveland Plain Dealer gave an interview of Pavano. It will the icing on the cake to see him do very well against his former club. He takes credit for helping AJ come to New York and must duel him tomorrow. http://tribeca.vidavee.com/advance/vidavee/playerv3/vFlasher_debug.swf?p19=movie1240113710520&p2=off&p3=off&p4=50&p5=off&p7=on&p8=off&p31=on&p22=http%3A%2F%2Fanalytics.tribeca.vidavee.com%2Fvanalytics%2Fgateway%2F&p13=no&p16=v3AdvInt_cleveland.swf&p17=http%3A%2F%2Ftribeca.vidavee.com%2Fadvance%2Fvidavee%2Fplayerv3%2Fskins%2F&p11=0&p15=http%3A%2F%2Ftribeca.vidavee.com%2Fadvance%2FvClientXML.view%3FAF_renderParam_contentType%3Dtext%2Fxml%26showEndCard%3Doff%26link%3Dhttp%3A%2F%2Fvideos.cleveland.com%2Fplain-dealer%2F2009%2F04%2Findians_pitcher_carl_pavano_on.html%26vtagView%3Don%26skin%3Dv3AdvInt_cleveland.swf%26autoplay%3Doff%26loadStream%3Doff%26width%3D290%26height%3D164%26vtag%3Dyes%26startVolume%3D50%26hidecontrolbar%3Dno%26textureStrip%3Dyes%26displayTime%3Dyes%26volumeLock%3Doff%26watermark%3Dyes%26dockey%3D45CEF51E56072AF7CC97D06785498DDC&p21=http%3A%2F%2Ftribeca.vidavee.com%2Fadvance%2Fvidavee%2Fplayerv3%2Fjs%2FFlashProxyLoader.js&p18=timeDisplay%3Dyes%3Bwatermark%3Dyes%3BshareWidgets%3Don%3BtextureStripe%3Dyes%3BvtagDisplay%3Dyes%3BshowEndCard%3Doff%3Blink%3Dhttp%3A%2F%2Fvideos.cleveland.com%2Fplain-dealer%2F2009%2F04%2Findians_pitcher_carl_pavano_on.html

Game 10: Journal reflection about Tribe win 10-2 vs. Yanks

For those that read my blog for which I am continuously thankful, I dedicate this entry to all of you.

Here is an example of a daily log that I encountered at my work site.

12:30 Right before gametime, I am approached by various visitors to the building along with some co-workers who advise me to not get so excited about the Tribe, dump them at the curb for the 2-7 team that they are and join the cheers for LeBron James and the Cavalier bandwagon.


12:35 As much as I am happy for the city and the chance for a major sports title for this city since 1964, I politely decline the invitation and say my favorite sport is baseball and I cannot be a front runner especially since the superstar LeBron James does this in Cleveland.
12:36 I continue to reflect and just cannot cheer for a Yankee fan or player. Don’t get me wrong! I respect all players and fans and want them to be able to express their opinions freely. Still I cannot cheer for a Yankee! In my stadium, this is a sign of disrespect toward my neighbors and friends and fellow followers and fans of the Tribe.
Approx. 13:05 I now hear on my radio that I am allowed to use that CC is about to throw out the first pitch, It is awfully weird hearing CC as a Yankee.


 Approx. 1400 I walk away from the radio all together due to the Tribe’s poor 2-7 start and thoughts of Joe Borowski blowing a save to A-Rod. Time to turn to prayer. When I return to the desk area, I hear that the score is 1-0 Tribe, thanks to Kelly Shoppach.
Approx 1430 I engage in another conversation with a man who asks the score. I say, “Currently, the Indians are up 1-0.” He sarcastically states his opinion saying “Not for long, go Cavs!”
Approx 1500 Right before I am able to depart, the game is tied thanks to a homerun by Jorge Posada. 


Approx. 1510 I arrive in my car and turn the radio on and off as soon as I hear the Tribe threatening to score focusing on prayer as a way to center me and keep me grounded and humbled by the opportunity to be a fan of the Tribe.
Approx 1530 I receive a call from my wife wanting me to make dinner plans. I turn my focus to this and forget to watch the game. When I return I am able to see Grady Sizemore hit a grand slam making the score 9-1 in favor of the good guys.


Not concerned about time anymore, I see Victor Martinez hit one immediately after Grady making the score 10-1.
The final score was 10-2 as all of you readers know. At 3-7, we cannot cancel out the importance of staying focused on the game at hand. We must place our focuses on this man and go at it once again later today.
Let’s not lose this momentum. The Yanks are one tough team. We must continue to fight the good fight and follow the example of this Biblical king. Keep up the great effort!



Thoughts about this Sports Illustrated story from a Tribe fan

Start spreading the news: A-Rod allegedly tested positive in 2003 for steroids when with the Texas Rangers. This news does not surprise me. What surprises me about this story is threefold. First, why wasn’t this evidence and information destroyed? Secondly, if you can’t trust your player’s (workplace’s) union representative, then who? Finally, how many of the other players’ names that were supposed to be anonymous are now going to be leaked? How many are current or former Indians?

Why wasn’t this evidence and information destroyed?

Imagine if you will, you are at a new job or a current job and you reveal to your boss that in fact you did take drugs that were illegal that would affect your performance if they were still taken. It happened in 2003 you think. “I was working in Texas then”, you say. Its now 2009. What does it matter? Yet somehow the information is leaked to the current employer. Now the test that you considered a non-issue now hangs a cloud of suspicion at your current job and the image of you has totally changed at work. Could you lose your job now for a past event? Let’s hope not! Yet this affects your image forever. Who should really be blamed? A-Rod or the informant? It only becomes an issue if A-Rod is still using the drug(s) today.

 If you can’t trust your player’s (workplace’s) union representative, then who?


We trust our representatives to speak on our behalf. It is leaked that your representative tipped you off when the test would take place. Yet how did this information leak? Also let’s say you are another member of this union. There are things that happen in the workplace all the time. In my job, I am told to keep things confidential. Now, if you heard about A-Rod and he belongs to your union or workplace, aren’t you wondering if your name will surface also if you also took a drug test in 2003 for the same employer when you were told the results would remain anonymous? How can you trust your union rep if something might have been leaked by him or another that you were guilty?  Remember, confidentiality matters! 

How many of the other players’ names that were supposed to be anonymous are now going to be leaked? How many are current or former Indians?

I have been through this before. I really did not like the timing of it all. Right before the most important game for your organization in 2007, it is leaked that one of your players took steroids. Whether it was prescribed or not, IT WAS A DISTRACTION! Now what is to stop another to leak one of these other 104 names someday. These stories do nothing but destroy the images of baseball. I think whether you hate A-Rod or love A-Rod doesn’t matter. This story is about privacy and the lack of it. If A-Rod can have something disclosed from something in 2003, then why not let all the names out? Hey why you’re at it, let’s let all of our sins out of the bag. Last time I checked, there is a thought that there are things that are still sacred. Enough said!