About mlbtribefan

Born in Phoenix. Started out as a LA Dodger
fan because the D-Backs were not even thought about then.
Dad’s family were all Brewers or Twins fans being from
Minnesota and Wisconsin. We settled in Northeast Ohio where I
was raised to watch Indians baseball, the good, bad and ugly.
Favorite announcers for the Tribe All-time since I have been
alive: Herb Score, Tom Hamilton, Jack Corrigan, Mike Hegan,
Matt Underwood, Rick Manning, Bruce Drennan, and Joe Tait
Ultimate call: Its a beautiful night for baseball (Tait)
where we are going to have touch em all time (Corrigan) and
go have a swing and a drive, waaaaay back, (Hamilton) gone to
Souvenir City (Underwood) The Indians are going to the World
Series, maybe (Score 1997). Remember, I loveeeeeee
yaaaaaaaahhhhh, Cleveland! (Drennan)


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