Note to Jensen Lewis, the truth will set you free!

“And you will know the Truth and the Truth will set you free”…John 8:32

Everyone has heard a rumor and will hear and read many rumors in their lifetimes. If you are Jensen Lewis and yesterday you read that you were put on waivers by way of the media only to be told its a rumor, it is quite unsettling. After all, in reading Jensen Lewis’s tweets, no one did more for me from a public relations standpoint than Jensen Lewis in helping me feel excited about the Tribe and Opening Day 2011.

Jensen moved out to AZ to get closer to the year round training facility in Goodyear. He was pumped about Spring Training, pitchers and catcher reporting, pitching in games. It is refreshing to see a professional athlete getting excited like a kid on Christmas, wanting to perform, wanting to do well, cheering for the hometown team. So often, we see these athletes as ones just trying to do well enough to get the big contract and shuffle off when the time allows. Jensen wants/wanted to do well with the Indians.

Now Jensen is going to Columbus. This is understandable. He has had a 14.29 ERA in the Spring. However, the way it was communicated and rumored through the media by the Indians causes me concern. Why did Jensen find out through the media release and not told by the Indians days before?

Acta said he wanted to find the best pitchers to help the team. He said that there were no guarantees, no for certains. He wants to find the best five pitchers in no certain order for the rotation and pitchers that can pitch multiple innings for the bullpen and said that everyone on the club knew this going into camp what the expectations and goals were for the team. Someone forgot to remind Lewis. He was acting as though it was a given that he was going to be part of the 2011 Indians from start to finish.

I am confident that the Indians are making the right decision as it stands now. I also believe Jensen Lewis will be back up in Cleveland some time this season. However I think Jensen is learning how often the business and fan side of things do not always mesh. My advice to Jensen is this quote from one of his followers, “If you’re motivated by what other people think, then you’re not in it for the right reasons” Fight on Jensen and prove that you still belong in Major League Baseball and hopefully on the Cleveland Indians. If not, then move on! God has a plan for you.



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