Indians sign Chad Durbin


chad-durbin-19654b04df100636.jpgThe Cleveland Indians reported the signing of Chad Durbin. The report can be found here.


0015.jpgThe optimistic point of view says “Oh he appeared in the playoffs last year and can help the bullpen in a setup role. Reports say he is a strong influence in the locker room and a good addition to any team. The Indians young players should benefit to have him on the team. After all, he was 4-1 appearing in 64 games with a 3.80 ERA striking people out 63 times in 68 2/3 innings pitched, almost 1 strikeout per inning. Pretty good since we had the league with the most walks issued in 2010. The goal in 2011, GET PEOPLE OUT! He can’t hurt. GIve him a shot.”

610x.jpgThe pessimist point of view says “Didn’t we have him in 2003-2004? Why bring him back? In his time with Cleveland, he went 5-7 with a 6.75 ERA. In addition he issued 27 walks and 46 strikeouts in 60 innings pitched. This is worthy of a major league deal? His best stats are in the National League. The Indians are in the hitting friendly American League. How is this going to help our youth? If anything, he will just make us worse. It will be 2003 all over again and we had 94 losses that year.

I sure hope his addition can bring positive results for the bullpen and help us gain a few more wins to improve the team. Fans including myself would like to see a .500 ballclub this year. I just want us to be able to get out of jams or avoid them altogether this year. I hope Durbin can be motivated to get those incentives and the front office gives him opportunities to earn them. We shall see.



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