Top 10 Reasons to go to Goodyear for Spring Training… Letterman style

As I plan to leave for Spring Training on Wednesday, I came up with a list to inspire me before I go. Drum roll please…

10. Ask Jhonny if he still sees better than 20/20.

jhonny eyes.jpg

9. Find a replacement for Uncle Sal… Maybe “The Godfather Dellucci”???

sal-dellucci pic.jpg
8. To hear Bruce Drennan echo “I love ya Cleveland” in the Arizona air.

bruce pic.jpg7. To get a picture with Shapiro because I can never find him in Cleveland.

6. Scalp some tickets for $100 like the Dodgers.

5. Start a Grady’s Ladies Sisterhood in Goodyear, even though I’m a guy.


4. To see if Valbuena is as good as his name suggests.

3. Join Kobayashi for a daily Wal-Mart fix.

masa wal-mart.jpg
2. Join Fausto Carmona at the Andy Marte Buffet.

fausto buffet.jpg
1. To give Castrovince $20 for his Goodyear Complex photo tour.

complex tour.jpg

Thanks to David Letterman for the format and to Anthony Castrovince for most of the content ideas.

Here are some others that didn’t quite meet the list.

    • To sneak into the Complex with the mass of Japanese media.
    • To actually see a road game on a tank of gas & get home before the sun sets.
    • Borrow John Adams’ drum so I can stand out in the crowd.
    • Bring Wild Thing’s glasses for Wood to wear.
    • Preview this year’s Cy Young winner.
    • Snag a foul ball, only to run into a cactus in the process.
    • To take a ride on the Choo train.
    • To see if Betancourt is in session this year.
    • Get rejected for a photo with Casey Blake… Oh wait, he’s on the Dodgers.
    • Get the REAL story about Dellucci’s injured finger.

Sources for images:\–×250.png



  1. Jane Heller

    John Adams! OMG, I forgot about him. When I went to the Jake in ’07 I sat right in front of him in the bleachers for all three games and asked him how he came to be the official drum guy. He even threw out the first pitch at one of the playoff games. Have a great time!

  2. okie_ranger

    I remember a few years ago when Anna Kournikova threw out the first pitch at a Rangers home game. David Dellucci being the ladies man that he is made a bet with the team that he would kiss her. Sure enough after her throw he went to the mound and popped one on her on the cheek. She seem a little taken back from it but everyone in the dugout got a big kick out of it.

  3. raysrenegade

    Hey now Sal Fasano is a good guy.
    Well, at least he was when he was a Rays prospect years ago. I love the Andy Marte Buffet reference. I can still not believe the guy turned out to be such a piece of trash. Both the Indians and the Rays were scrambling for this guy thinking he might be the next Adrian Beltre and he floundered from the get-go.

    Guess that just proves that you can only trust the rankings on a guy so much before you have to take a look for yourself. But your team did some good thing to shore up the Bullpen, which needed some guidance and structure in the late innings. Woods might end up being a diamond for you in 2009.

    Rays Renegade

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