What’s In a Name?

This news announced Thursday from Indians MLB.com beat reporter Anthony Castrovince found here was not news to us Tribe fans including this one and me. Andy Marte was released. It was expected. However, it was a story that brought back a lot of memories for me to reflect upon.


The Arrival of Coco Crisp
It began August 7, 2002. On this day, Coco Crisp came to the Indians. At the time, my daughter was 2 and my son just turned 1. I was already a big fan of the game. After watching Coco one night against the Angels, I decided this would be the player I would tell my children to emulate when playing or watching the game. The way he played the game was one i wanted my kids to follow. I kept repeating his name every time I sat down to watch baseball telling my children to watch his every at bat. I remember one such at bat. Coco was up with the bases loaded against the Reds at the time as I recall against their closer at the time, Danny Graves. t1_graves_all.jpg A shot up the middle from Crisp and the winning run scored. “We came back and won, kids, thanks to Coco Crisp” I guess what helped make him so memorable was that he reminded us all of Snap Crackle and Pop. snapcracklepop0002.JPG

The Arrival of Andy Marte
This news hit me hard. It was hard to tell the kids. I think it was harder for me to tell about than it was for them to take. They simply went on to like other players. I, however felt like I lost another Rocky Colavito. Still I was optimistic and moved on. I heard and read many good reports about Andy and was willing to watch him develop into an All-Star third baseman.

We fans expected Andy to be filet_migon.jpg but all we got was spam.jpg Andy had so much potential but just never lived up to his billing.
It was hard for him and hard for us. I was happy to see him go and try to succeed elsewhere. After all I was tired of singing the name game and needing one of these Survivair-M15-Gas-Mask.jpg when talking about Marte.
I was also tired of the jokes about K-mart or Wal-Mart and relating them to Andy. It just didn’t work out and needed to change.

The arrival of De Rosa and promise of Hodges
6094.jpg small_hodges.jpg
With DeRosa, I feel very confident that we are in good shape. I wrote earlier about DeRosa here and just feel so much better about the situation. Also after seeing Wes Hodges play in Akron, I really believe we have some promise there that could be well worth the price of admission in the future. i know I was impressed with what I saw even though gas was at $4 a gallon. It was well worth the one hour there and back from my house, even at those prices. Perhaps i will need to go two hours to Columbus to continue to see his progress. Hopefully I will see De Rosa and Hodges in some action when I go in a few days to Goodyear. I know no matter what, it will be well worth it.

Image credits: http://sportsillustrated.cnn.com/fantasy/baseball/news/2003/05/01/nl_report/t1_graves_all.jpg



  1. kknadk

    I am so glad Andy Marte is GONE! He couldn’t do anything right. He was a defensive liability and his bat didn’t make up for his lousy defense. I am looking forward to watching DeRosa play. I have heard many good things about him. But I will remain cautiously optimistic as that’s what they were saying about Marte when he came to Cleveland…

  2. juliasrants

    I know that in the long run Coco didn’t work out for us here in Boston – but I have to tell you, I always like the guy. And talk about class? The way he handled his time on the bench last year? There are a lot of players who need to take lessons from him.


  3. Jonathan

    Thankfully, we have Encarnacion. Because I read a post where someone suggested that the Reds pick up Marte because he could be “another Brandon Phillips”.

    Lightning doesn’t (usually) strike twice.

  4. Elizabeth D.

    I miss Coco! I really liked him as a player too, and I was really happy when he came to the Red Sox (even though I was still getting over our other center fielder leaving). I also love the way he plays the game, and you’re right– he reminds me of Snap, Crackle and Pop as well! He had a great attitude this season when Jacoby Ellsbury got more playing time, he really did. He’s very passionate too, he doesn’t take crap from anyone. And he had the best at-bat of the Red Sox 2008 season in Game 5 of the ALCS. I think he’s a great figure for your kids to emulate.

  5. Lissi

    As you clearly know I am thrilled Marte is gone. I do not share your love for Crisp, however. He just rubs me the wrong way I think. I think DeRosa and Hodges will be really good and I can’t wait to see our upgraded 3rd base situation!
    P.S. Thanks for the shoutout!

  6. okie_ranger

    I remember DeRosa from his Ranger days. The guy can play anywhere on the field. Great guy to have on the team. Heck, he probably would sell popcorn if you asked him to.

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